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Control business standards from a one place
Service Inspector — this is a platform that allows you to automate the monitoring of standards. Mobile application in combination with a web platform allows you to refuse of paper checklists, instantly respond to problems, save hundreds of hours for managers and inspectors, view statistics and reports, motivate employees to work better, build employee KPI — all in one place!

Tasks we solve
Аutomation of audits
View performance and dynamics
Employee Motivation (KPI)
Adaptation of new staff
Standards implementation
Mystery shoppers
Аutomation of audits, checklists and checks
ServiceInspector is an inspection app to discard paper checklists. All audits will be filled in the mobile app, where you can attach photo, give your comment, answer the question, etc. All data will be available in the web platform, and interested persons will receive a reports on the completed checklists.
View performance and dynamics in one click
Web platform provides you the ability to view performance reports broken down by time, department, employees, templates and more.
Also you can export reports to Excel or PDF.
Solve a problem before it is noticed by your client!
Employee Motivation (KPI)
With reports, you can build a rating of your employees depending on how well they perform their duties. This will allow you to simply and clearly motivate employees. It is enough to indicate the person in charge when passing the checklist (cashier, cook, maid, manager, etc.).
Adaptation of new staff
Work on checklists is a simple and fast way to train a new employee and involve him in the work process. With the help of a mobile app, an employee will never forget to go through a check list and will never make a mistake when marking tasks completed.
Standards implementation
We have an extensive experience in setting standards, as well as a large library of checklist templates for organizations of various types. We can help you to introduce standards in the company.
Mystery shoppers
Service Inspector is a good tool for working with mystery shoppers. You don't need to train them to work with Google-tables or Google-forms, you don't need to force them to send photo of checks and comments separately to e-mail or remind them about forgotten items - let our platform do everything for you. Just add a new post "Mystery Guest" and define a checklist for it.

Who is solution for?
Already, over 500 different organizations use our solution, such as:
Medical clinics
Service companies
Manufacturing enterprises
Trading networks
Cleaning companies
Large franchises
Entertainment centers
Car services

Use cases
Create your perfect, automated workflow
Add checklist template in a couple of minutes using a simple interface (editor, importing and templates)
Appoint a responsible employee
An employee complete the checklist and creates tasks for correction.
You will automatically receive notifications on completed checklists.
Analyzing the data, share with employees, export to Excel and get better!

Service features
Cloud - single place to store data
Mobile applications on Android and iOS, which can work offline
Reports and graphs showing the dynamics
Photos, comments and real-time feedback
Export data to PDF and Excel
A large library of templates
Sending notifications to email
Employee motivation (KPI)

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